January 20, 2023

What to Choose: Group or Private Lessons?

Most dance studios offer two ways of learning to dance: in a group and individually. How do you know which one is right for you?

When you decide to do something different in your life, it is likely that you spend some time considering how to go about it. The same applies for learning to dance.

Someone thinks that when they come to a dance studio, there will be people who dance better than them. For many people, this is a frustrating situation. For such people, we would recommend private classes with a teacher in an individual format.

Of course, individual dance lessons are much more effective than group lessons, because they provide a different quality of dance and allow the instructor to provide you with more attentive advice.

Now we can talk about when it is beneficial to choose private over group lessons

1) If you want more attention to be paid to you and have the teacher work only with you, then the individual format of dance classes is exactly right for you

2) As we said, if you don't want to be left behind in a group, if you feel like you have "two left feet" and can't learn as fast as everyone else

3) If you are planning to get married and want to prepare a wedding dance, then this option is 100% suitable for you

4) If you want to get a completely different quality of dance

5) If you want to participate in dance competitions and win

6)  You need a flexible schedule and cannot attend classes in the evening when the groups are running

What does another quality of dance mean?


You may think that you are not a bad dancer.
But at the same time you sometimes stumble, step on your partner’s feet or pull on their hands, then the dance is not at its best potential quality.

A high-quality dance is a pure dance, without twitching and stumbling, and individual lessons can provide you with such a result.

When should you attend to group classes?

1) If you want to make new friends

2) Get more communication and socialize

3) Save money

While private lessons are the best way to quickly and efficiently learn to dance, they are not the cheapest way. Because of this, if you wish to spend less money and learn to dance with different people, group lessons are the best choice for you.

Learning to dance can be compared to learning a new spoken language. Only in this case, you are learning a new body language.

Therefore, you must understand that you will not be a professional dancer after just a couple months, it takes time and money and your desire to get to that level.

So, what's the best way to learn?

I would say the best option is to combine private lessons with group lessons. This is the way that gives you the best result.
You get the best of both worlds because you get to socialize in group lessons and still get the best quality of dance by studying individually with your instructor.

By the way, Dance Amadis is the only dance school in Palm Coast where you can sign up for group classes even if you don't take private lessons because we want as many people as possible to learn how to dance.

Dance and have fun, doctors point out that people who dance, on average, live 3-5 years longer than those who don't dance.

Dance Amadis Ballroom Instructor - Alex Pavlov.


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Most dance studios offer two ways of learning to dance: in a group and individually. How do you know which one is right for you? When you decide to do […]

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